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My Work

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Hailing from Queens, NY, I have always been intrigued by fashion, even when I didn't know it yet. My mother always dragged me into department stores like Daffy's and Macy's, and even though I spent most of my time playing underneath the racks, I subconsciously noticed what was on them. As I got older, I always captivated at how my brother would always stay ahead if the latest trends, collecting every pair of J's that released his entire high school career. Then, when I finally got to high school, I saw how clothing can become an extension of the self, and dictate how your peers responded to you.

I pride myself on putting my best foot forward, and that starts with your appearance. It helps me break out of my shell and helps me express my thoughts, feelings, and ideas to the rest of the world. I feel that with my experiences and expertise, I can help others express their thoughts, feelings, and ideas as well, whether it be for photo/video shoots, movie sets, clothing brands, or any other business that may need some form of image consulting.



Personal Styling

I live for experimenting with my style. I've done everything from formal, casual streetwear, to avant garde. Currently, I am heavy into neutral and earth tones. I was recently featured on a global campaign with sportswear juggarnaut Adidas highlighting the neutrals trend.



I am the perfect person to model for your photos or brand. I have worked with brands big and small, and have a very versatile look that will attract potential customers to your business. 

Height: 6' 0"

Weight: 190lbs

Tops: Large (44 Chest)

Bottoms: Large (34" Waist)

Shoe Size: US 10 (EU 44)


Personal Shopping

You could definitely say that I love to shop. A little retail therapy does wonders for the soul! Unfortunately, the cost of living in New York City makes it difficult to find the funds for such endeavors. Luckily, I am a savvy person that can turn lemons into lemonade. I can work with any budget and transform anyone's look. A good friend once told me "never settle." I will not settle until you are completely sastified with the final product.


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